Argus Library, set the camera exposure time in manually

I am having a question about how to set the camera exposure time manually by using argus library.
Here are the functions I found that can do this job:


Question 1: If I use ISourceSettings::setExposureTimeRange to set the camera exposure time to say 1ms to 10ms. Does that mean that the ISP will automatically determine the exposure time within 1ms to 10ms range?

Question 2: If I use ISourceSettings::setExposureTimeRange to set the camera exposure time to 1ms exact.

  • What ISP AE will do? I am kinda expect that the AE will do nothing and just keep the exposure time to 1ms.
  • Do I need to call IAutoControlSettings::setAeLock to lock the exposure time under the same request?
  • Will the antibanding still work under this case?



hello jon7,

you’ll need to configure the exposure time within the sensor capability range, that’s the values reported by sensor device tree. please refer to Property-Value Pairs and check min_exp_time / max_exp_time.
assume AE is free running, if you limit the exposure time range, AE will configure the values within the specify range.
on the other hand, if you’ve enable ae_lock to disable AE. the validate setting value will apply directly.
there’s argus_camera sample application, which provide the user-interface to control the exposure-time.

Hi @JerryChang
Thank you for your information.

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