Assertion `dims.nbDims == 3' failed.

Hi all,

I have problems to run TensorRT on my Jetson TX2

Provide details:
Python version 3.6
TensorRT 4.0
Jetpack 3.3
on the Jetson TX2

Crosscomile with Nsight Eclipse on the Jetson TX2.
The TensorRT example “sampleOnnxMNIST” runs without problems, but now I try to use my own onnx-Network and i get this failure

TensorRT_Eigenes_Programm_2: onnx/converterToTRT.cpp:467: nvonnxparser::TRT_LayerOrWeights nvonnxparser::convert_Gemm(nvonnxparser::Converter*, const onnx::NodeProto*): Assertion `dims.nbDims == 3' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

My simple network I used, you can find here:

we are triaging this and will keep you updated.

Is there any new knowledge about my problem?