Audio2Face Building TensorRT engine is stuck!

Hi there,
Building TensorRT engine is stuck on 99.99% for hours! Should I wait? Should I restart?
I’m on a Windows 11-64bit machine with 2021.x working till today when I updated to 2022.1.1
I’m using 11th Intel Core i9-11900H (MSI Notebook) with 64GB RAM and a 16GB RTX 3080 Mobile

kit_20220917_111244.log (709.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

It seems that it was really building the TensorRT engine all this long!
It’s perfectly working now.

So, in conclusion, it is pretty normal for it to take this long (Hours in my case!)

kit_20220917_111244.log (745.9 KB)

thanks Hosein, thought something was definitely off.

As UX feedback, “This may take several minutes” may be a bit of an unhelpful tip if it takes hours on a 3080 (or indeed, as is my case - 2080 RTX; will probably take even longer.)

What we have found in these rare cases is that TRT has completed building, but the UI has somehow locked up. Closing the app and re-opening has typically shown that TRT has successfully built.

We are looking in to a resolution for this issue.