Audio2face crazy lower denture behavior with makehuman character

Hi guys, I’m getting an extra crazy lower denture behavior testing out with makehuman character, I’ve watched the tutorials here CC4_fullbody - Google Drive

and also here Overview of Character Setup in Omniverse Audio2Face - YouTube

But I can’t make the lower denture to work properly. Uploading a video of that issue.

I saw that automaticcaly created by audio2face lower_denture’s Xform’s origin is set really far from the object, maybe it can cause such a crazy behavior of lower denture ? If yes how can I even set the origin around the center of the lower_denture_grp Xform? I have no clue on how to do it in audio2face, I just can’t do it in blender, cus this object is created in audio2face and need to be modified there I guess.

I’m also uploading a blender file with makehuman character from which I split the mesh like only head remains for audio2face, maybe the positioning for lower denture in my blender file is wrong…

author’s_proxy_woman_separated_lower_and_upper_teeth.blend (13.6 MB)

Also a workflow of what I do when I get this crazy results