Audio2Face for Linux

Is there a plan to release Audio2Face on Linux as well? If there is, when can we roughly expect it?



Hi @bart.sekura ,

We have plans for Linux release but it won’t happen til a bit later. Our best estimate at the moment is end of the year. We will be testing on linux soon and can give a better estimate in a month or two. Most of our efforts right now is for feature completion so users can drive a face fully with just audio.



Hi,I‘m still waiting for audio2face linux. Is there any news?

Hello @770554498! The development team is still working on Linux support for Audio2Face. I do not have any more information on it at this time, but the QA team is currently testing it. You can see what we are working on for the next release on our Omniverse Public Roadmap.

We are working on a linux version at the moment. Stay tuned. A rough release timeframe is Q2 of this year.


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Thank you for keeping us informed.
Can provide any updates on your progress for Linux compatibility.
If it isn’t too much trouble, could you also hint as to which distros you might test prior to release.

Any update on this?