in create I go to audio2face folder and click on samples and load a in a scene, I did not install it, it just show up in assets, when i push play nothing happened, i dont see the toolbar next to stage like I seen in the demo video, i just load the scene in stage and that’s it,

Where can I find audio2face? I can’t find it at omniverse apps.

it’s in create in the Assets folder

Thank you for the interest in Audio2Face. We are almost ready to launch. We found some issues in the release version and we are fixing it as soon as we can. We will keep you posted as soon as its ready. Stay tuned and watch for the announcement section for updates.

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For these assets, they will make sense once Open Beta is released. The tutorial videos will explain what they will be clearly and how to use it.

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We just released a new version of Audio2Face 2021.2.3 to the Launcher, you should be able to see and install it now. We have witness a few people having issues installing it so please let us know if you have any issues with it.