Augmenting Tech Capabilities?

HI! My name is Anthony, I’m currently running a high end AMD GPU. It’s no secret Nvidia has the edge with RTX capabilities. I would like better ray tracing, but do not want to purchase a whole new GPU… Which brings me to my point/idea. Why doesn’t NVIDIA offer cards to augment just certain tech? I.E. a PCIE card with ONLY RT cores to run alongside a GPU? Wouldn’t that be a very marketable product for people running older gen GPU’s like the 1600 series or the 1000 series cards? I’m not sure how hard it’d be to produce them to be able to run along with AMD cards, but I’m sure it’s more than possible for NVIDIA cards to run with something like this. I also believe there’d be a good market in the professional editing, producing, rendering market for something like this. An area where cards usually cost several thousands of dollars, instead of having so spend several thousands more for ray tracing would be amazing. This would be amazingly beneficial for not only ray tracing but newer technologies as they come out as well!. Ray tracing is just the only tech right now I can think of that this would be beneficial for? Maybe a small card to run Physx as well? (I think those already exist.) If possible I’d like to look into building a prototype!

-PS I talked to NVIDIA support about this and asked who I could talk to about this idea and all they gave me was a link to the forums. :C. If anyone know an email or phone number I can reach to further this idea that’d be great!