Automate your Jetson Nano workflows using GitHub self-hosted runners

Hello community,

We wanted to share some of our hard-earned experience in automating Jetson Nano workflows using GitHub self-hosted runners. If you want to run smoke tests, packaging or build Docker images natively on the Jetson Nano you might find the article interesting.

Hope this help.

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Thanks for posting @sdobrev, that’s quite useful!

If I wanted to use this for CI/CD and automatically trigger self-hosted container builds/tests when commits are made to a repo, would I just install the actions-runner-linux-arm64 package directly on my Jetson(s) (outside of container) so that it could launch docker build/run/push operations?

Or is your runner container image capable of executing arbitrary actions from GitHub, including docker-in-docker?

(moving this to the Jetson Projects forum for longer-term visibility)

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Hey Dusty,

If you want to run the runner natively (not in a Docker) you have to download the actions-runner-linux-arm64-* archive, extract it and run the ./ script. In the blog post those are the last two lines of the example Dockerfile.

More information can be found on the GitHub’s docs about self-hosted runners.