Docker image to see if CUDA is working in container on Jetson Nano?

I"m just getting started and looking for how to get CUDA-enabled apps running in a docker-container on the Jetson Nano.

Is there a docker image of a Hello World kind of CUDA demo application that I can run to make sure that things are working correctly on my Nano?


Please notice that nvidia-docker doesn’t support Jetson platform.
Only official docker can be used on the Jetson Nano.

To start with, you can try to run the deviceQuery CUDA sample first:
Here is a detail tutorial for your reference:


Any progress on starting to use CUDA on the Jetson Nano in a Docker container?

BTW, I’m pretty familiar with Docker on ARM and did also a lot of improvements for running Docker on the Nano with a fully optimised Linux Kernel. See

As a next step, I’d like to see a few examples on how to use CUDA from a Docker container on the Nano. This would help to attract even more users to start using Docker on the Nano - Ok, at least that’s my goal.


Will the nvidia runtime for docker be available at some point? Docker is of limited use for me on the Nano itself other than consuming system resources if I can’t run any CUDA containers.

@Dieter, thanks for your work on Hypriot OS!

That’s under planning, but on clear schedule yet.

Thank you. Just knowing it’s in the works is useful!

I think this is where the main issue is tracked:

Hi, I have a project on Distributed Edge Computation and it is designed to wave multiple Jetson devices into a cluster to do local training.

If CUDA docker dose not become available anytime soon, can you suggest an alternative way for me to build an edge cluster with Jetson platform? thanks

Looks like there is a manual kernel rebuild you can do as below:

Just manage the devices directly? System operators have done this for 50 years, Docker is not a requirement just to run and manage clusters of machines.

any progress in enabling nvidia-docker on jetsons? :D

The beta support of the NVIDIA Container Runtime is now available on Jetson platforms (AGX, TX2 and Nano). See below link for more information on getting started:

thanks kayccc

Is there an image for Jetson nano with docker-nvidia integrated already that can be downloaded and installed to the sd- card with e.g. dd method?
Upd: Apparently the latter sdcard image for nano seems to have Jetpack 4.2.2. But is there a way to bypass the process of the initial Ubuntu setup after flashing having no HDMI display at all?