I have some questions while using NVIDIA Docker

Hello. I am making applications and packages like deepstream and darknet as containers to execute in container. I started with Jetson Nano board, and I have encounter with some problems about nvidia-docker.

  1. I searched and found only the CUDA 11.x version of the official nvidia docker, which is available on Jetson Nano (based on amd acrh).
    Are there any CUDA 10.x versions of arm-based docker image files?

I referred to the site above, this post was published in 2019, so I would like to know if an upgrade version has been released in.

  1. Are image files distributed for Deepstream 4 version? Only Deepstream 5 version image files are distributed on the official Docker.

  2. When using Deepstream, if the Jetpack version is not correct, library problems such as opencv and tensorRT occurred. Does Nano’s Jetpack version affect containers when using NVIDIA Docker image files?