Unable to access NVIDIA Driver in latest docker (docker version 23.0.3)

Jestpack version : Version: 4.6.2-b5
Architecture : arm64
Docker version : Docker version 23.0.3
Ubuntu version : 18.04

Commands used to install docker

curl https://get.docker.com | sh \
  && sudo systemctl --now enable docker

The above command install the latest version of docker. Hence it installed docker 23.0.3.
When i tried to run
sudo docker run --rm --runtime=nvidia --gpus all nvidia/cuda:11.6.2-base-ubuntu20.04 nvidia-smi

docker: Error response from daemon: unknown or invalid runtime name: nvidia

Later I have referred Nvidia container toolkit installation guide and noticed that docker 23.0.3 is not supported.


I would like to install docker version into the supported version, but the docker installation commands mentioned in the nvidia installation guide install the latest docker version.
How can i install the supported docker version in the jetson devices ?

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you

What’s your Jetson module type and Jetpack version?

Jestpack version : Version: 4.6.2-b5
Module : Jetson nano

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Moving to Jetson Nano forum for better support, thanks.


Docker is pre-installed with JetPack.
It’s recommended to re-setup the environment and you should have it by default.

More, to use CUDA, you will need the image that supports Jetson environment(with the l4t tag).


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