Nvidia-docker installation example getting unable to find image error

hello everyone,

I’m trying to setup Nvidia-Docker to my Jetson Nano.
On the last step of documentation Installation Guide — NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies documentation there is a command given to test the nvidia-docker

This is the command;
sudo docker run --rm --gpus all nvidia/cuda:11.0-base nvidia-smi
Since Nano doesn’t have nvidia-smi or nvcc, I downloaded tegrastats jtop to my system instead.

Oh and I also changed the docker tag to ;
`sudo docker run --rm --gpus all nvidia/cuda:10.2-base jtop since my system informations are as given below:
NVIDIA Jetson Nano (Developer Kit Version)
L4T 32.6.1 [ JetPack 4.6 ]
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.253-tegra
CUDA 10.2.300
CUDA Architecture: 5.3
OpenCV version: 4.1.1
OpenCV Cuda: NO
Vision Works:
VPI: ii libnvvpi1 1.1.15 arm64 NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface library

The error could be found in the file below, I guess It’s not a big problem that I’m getting this error but I still would like to be able to run the test case too
message.txt (19.7 KB)

thanks and regards