Bad texture filtering quality with negative LOD bias on Vulkan

With HQ texture filtering configured in driver, quality with negative LOD bias is much worse for Vulkan applications than it is for D3D10-12 applications.

This can be demonstrated in 3DCenter Filter Tester when comparing with and without DXVK api wrapper.
With native D3D10, there is hardly any shimmering with a LOD bias of -1.5 for chosen ground2 texture (shipped with Filter Tester in its directory):

With Vulkan (copy 32 bit DXVK DLLs into Filter Tester directory), there is much more texture shimmering, despite HQ filtering (which makes quality of negative LOD bias much better with D3D10-12) configured in driver:

This should also affect all Vulkan games with DLSS support (such as Doom Eternal), as it is recommended to developers to utilize negative LOD bias with DLSS. Also in Red Dead Redemption 2 with Vulkan, DLSS seems to make texture more shimmering than with D3D12 accordingly.

Tested with RTX 3060 GeForce 496.84 driver on Windows 11. However, situation on Linux is the same. Side note: OpenGL is affected the same as Vulkan, as is seen when running Filter Tester with WineD3D OpenGL on Linux. It is not a bug of DXVK or WineD3D, as the issue does not exist on competitor’s GPUs since Vega.

Download 3DCenter Filter Tester:


Personal thought: I think it would be about time to make HQ texture filtering also the default setting.