bank conflict in fermi for doubles

Let’s say I allocate following double array in shared memory.

shared double A[16][17]; // where number 17 was chosen as the standard trick to avoid bank conflict.

So accordingly, can I assume this?

A[0][0] -> bank1, bank2
A[0][1] -> bank3, bank4

A[0][15] -> bank31, bank32
A[0][16] -> bank1, bank2
A[1][0] -> bank3, bank4

A[2][0] -> bank5, bank6

A[15][0] -> bank31, bank32

Let’s say that I have 16x16 threads in a block and my shared memory assignment looks something like -> A[threadIdx.x][threadIdx.y]. In Fermi, regardless what additional padding I use to avoid bank conflict (e.g. 17 as an index number), conflicts between threads from the first half of the warp and the second half of the warp (e.g. A[0][1] and A[1][0]) is unavoidable in this case.

Is this an accurate assessment of the situation?