Basic Drone Pilot Kit.

Hello, sorry about the machine translation.
There is an idea to create a drone like a quadrocopter, with slight differences from ordinary quadrocopters. In the idea - to use impellers installed in toroidal rings cut, in which the vortex will twist and thrust will be created. The vortex will allow the removal of dried and purified air for cooling electronics and motors will be dry. All this will of course be pre-tested for performance on one toroidal cut ring. Presumably, the drone will be used in extreme conditions (precipitation, fog), in which it is best to shift the pilot drone to Jetson Nano. Tell me, is there any basic set of drone piloting software with the Jetson Nano?
It is simple to do the debugging of stabilization and other for a long time.
I 'm grateful in advance.

Hi hretgear,

You may refer to below projects to see if can get some ideas:

Thanks. Think that I will turn there after some elementary aerodynamic tests and samples of aerodynamics of propulsor housings, in case of sufficient success. I write the code on my own, too, and I could sort it out, but I don 't want to waste time - it 's more appropriate to have some kind of interaction if it 's possible.
The links are interesting, thank you again.
I think that for navigation it is not necessary to neglect accelerometers and timers, as Jetson will be interesting in difficult pilot tricks, and even in elementary flights in difficult weather conditions without its capacity will not be easy.
Think that within two months I will have results of power samples and aerodynamics of propulsors, calculations too, but as the practice of aircraft engineering shows - without aerodynamic tests in any way.