Bbox_handler_config for FasterRCNN?

I am trying to see how to customize the bounding boxes appearance in inferred images in the case of a fasterrcnn inference.
I saw that detectnetv2 has a bbox_handler_config part where one can control many things. It does not work for fasterrcnn. Is there something equivalent?

Namely, I want to make the boxes look red and ticker and put the label name around.


You can modify
Refer to

Hello Morgan,

Where can I find this code?

(launcher) root@machine:~/.virtualenvs/launcher/lib/python3.8/site-packages# ls nvidia*
nvidia_pyindex:  __pycache__

INSTALLER   METADATA  REQUESTED  entry_points.txt  RECORD    WHEEL      top_level.txt

LICENSE    RECORD    WHEEL      top_level.txt

nvidia_tao_cli:  __pycache__  components  config  entrypoint

I went into the installation directory of the environment and looked it up in all folders. I may be in the wrong place :)

You can login the docker via docker run <5.0 docker> or use tao launcher tao model faster_rcnn .

Then, search the code under /usr

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