TLT-Infer Output Custom Color

Hi Everyone,

Do you know if is it possible to modify the color of the bounding box generated by tlt-infer. Default one is black and it is not very visible.
I know also labels are saved as output so I can compose that in a different way, but I am a bit lazy :D


Yes, you can.
For example, in the reference spec file inside the docker.


You can config below to change the color.

    R: 0
    G: 255
    B: 0

Hi @Morganh,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I can see the detectnet example you are pointing out, but it does not seem to me that those config structure in the protobuf works for the YOLO example which I am using. Even the documentation seems to suggest that the bbox_handler_config is only for the detectnet model. Is that correct or am I missing something?
Where should I put the bbox_color in the Yolo Config files?


Sorry, Yolo does not support it.