Before i buy a new card ....wich one ?

Hi devs and forum users
i want to buy a new card that hat a good performances in HD(H264) Videos and that can support more HIGH QUALITY SCALING - Levels .
Would you please give a good choice .
Thank you


What’s your budget? Do you want to play modern games? What’s your platform?

Any modern Intel Core i3 CPU/4 cores AMD CPU can decode 4K H.264 video, so explain why do you want to decode H.264 on your GPU.

thnak you birdle for your reply
i have a 3.19 Kernel on hp compaq ( intel core duo with 4 GB DDR3 ) and dvb-S/S2 receiver pci-express card . i watch TV ( HD broacastings ) and internet video streams most of the times . I am not a gamer .
That s all .

hi birdle
I found this card
Asus Directcu silent GT 630 2GB .
what do you think about ?

I suppose you want your purchase to be future-proof?

In that case you’ll probably want HEVC decoding acceleration as well, then GT 750 is a bare minimum card for you. I’d even wait for GTX 950 which is going to be released in a few days - it features full HEVC decoding acceleration and supports HDMI 2.0. GTX 750 features only partial HEVC decoding acceleration and HDMI 1.4.

Hi birdie
I found GTX770 with a good price , but my HP power supply is only supporting 300 Watt . And my question was, if it is possible to use this card with 300 Watts . just for HD videos not for games .
Thanks in Advance

Like I said buy a GTX 950. They are already out.

GTX770 might or might not work with your PSU. It needs two 6 pin power connectors so I have reasons to believe your PSU won’t cut it.

thank you birdie for your help .
i have to buy a new desktop PC for a new futur and the GTX 950 seems to be a good choice .