Beginner: how to backup my first Jetson Nano configuration on Windows?

I would like to backup my installation of the Jetson Nano as it takes about 2 days to get it installed. I have setup a separate Linux laptop with sdk manager to deploy the Jetson packages. I first struggled with that.

At first I destroyed my Jetson Nano by increasing the swap drive as I found a tutorial on Youtube about somebody from Nvidia explaining how to increase to 4GB: Jetson AI Fundamentals - S1E1 - First Time Setup with JetPack - YouTube. So 4 days later I have my Jetson running again.

After that the device runs, but as there are so many examples around I want to keep my Jetson as clean as possible. I am considering containers or remote development with VS Code, but the deployment seems to take quite some time. I want to start over without having to go 2 days into quarantine again to get the device back running again.

I came across this instruction which explains how to clone/ restore an image of emmc: Continuing the discussion from Jetson Nano emmc clone and restore:

I do not understand where to run those commands. Is it on the PC with SDKManager installed and how is it connected? Or on the device itself? My Jetson Nano has 16 GB internal memory with only 200 Mb storage left. so I added a SSD drive through USB and a SD card of 128GB. My Jetson is a production module on a SEEED as there is no stock of any parts currently: Jetson Nano | NVIDIA Developer

This post addresses the same, but not sure where to find the system.img file on the target.
How to Clone eMMC Image of NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano™ Module? (

Yes it’s on host, but I don’t think that Windows is the easiest host for cloning.
You’d better try a dual boot into a Linux/Ubuntu version supported for your SDKM version.
Note that if you prefer or already have another Linux version, SDKM may not work, but the script should work.

Got it. Did a backup and restore to the Jetson Nano based on the instructions found in the last post. It also included the sd card reader which I needed to enable on the Seeed board.

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