eMMC Backup for Jetson Nano

I want to backup the image includes every partition in emmc instead of APP file system partition, is that possible?

According to the online document, it mentions that: the backup-restore tool could be used for it and it is included in path /Linux_for_Tegra/tools/, however, I cannot find it in the path.

Have you ever used sdkmanager before? Linux_for_Tegra will be installed on your host machine when running sdkmanager.

Yes, I do use SDKManager and the Linux_for_Tegra are installed. I could use flash.sh script to flash nano without SDKManager normally, but I could not found the backup-restore directory or tool as the document.

Waht “backup” tool and document are you referring to?


This is the guides.


That tool is for tx2 and xavier series platform. Jetson Nano and TX1 not supports.

And is there any solution to my original question? How could backup the whole system of Jetson Nano eMMC?

Please follow this to create booloader update payload. This is “everything except APP partition”.


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