Benefit of nVidia Grid with multi display setups?

Hi There,

I have inherited a XenDesktop 7.1 VDI deployment on vSphere 5.5 with Dell R730 hardware. 6ms latency over 100Mbps private line to datacenter. The 30 users do not have any 3D requirements but use multiple displays 3 screens @ 1920x1080 per user. We get decent performance however clicking between screens when each user (traders) has 30+ large excel sheets open, adobe, word, bloomberg with live market feeds and various other trading applications with tick data open along with heavy web usage in chrome.

My question is would a few K1 cards per host make a difference to this deployment with users experiencing better click response and swapping between windows. We do not have Windows Desktop Manager (Aero) enabled as it seems to cause issues when using WDM redirection and is very slow when rendered on the host with CPU. I would like to re-enable this to increase adoption and useability.

Would it be possible to be put in touch with an nVidia solution architect to discuss our setup?



Where are you located? That would help route you to the right Architect.