Best GPU for Video transrate (H264/VP8/VP9)


I am looking for best GPU with maximum through put H264/VP9/VP8 video encoding.

We have deployed Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge) or similar configuration 2U servers for Audio based application. These servers do audio decode and encoding to support the VoIP calls.

Now plan is to add video encoding support in the existing servers. Due to video encoder complexity only few video transcodings are possible. To support more transcoding sessions on same server we were thinking to add PCI based hardware acceleration AdOn cards for H264/VP9/VP8 encoding.

Please suggest card which support our requirement. Looking for Cost effective and high performance.

We are planning to use in our application

hi sudhirkesti,

Please refer to below link for encode perf on various GPUs(T4/P4) to decide which is suitable for project:


Hi kayccc,

Thank you very much for the information.

After going tough the encoder list I have selected 3 cards.

  1. Tesla M60 supports 36 1080p30 streams

  2. Tesla P4 supports 35 1080p30 streams

  3. Tesla T4 Do not have the performance data.

M60 is predecessor of Pascal series but gives more streams than P4 ??
Can you provide Video Transcode/Encode numbers for T4 ??

We want to support as many as H264/H265 video encoding streams possible per card.
Which is best for our use case ??


I have narrowed down to M60, P4 and T4.
Need your help to choose best for my use case.
We are looking for maximum concurrent H264 trans-coding session on Single Virtual user.
Xeon Processor is a host processor.

Also Where can I find performance numbers for T4.

T4 encoding performance is 2x of P4