GPU with Maximum number of video trans coding with single session

Hi All,

We are planning to accelerate video transcoding using nvidia GPU.

I did not get any documentation about how many 1080p and 720p transcoding are possible by each card.

Which card is good for Video transcoding ?? Also it will be good if transcoding performance comparison is available.

P4/T4/T40 or any other.

Hi sudhirkesti,

We don’t have exact data for transcoding, but we have data for decoding, encoding respectively.
You can refer to these data in the spec and make a judgement, or please contact NVIDIA represent at your region.


P4 Data sheet has max supported video encoding/decoding data. But for T4 I didn’t find any data.

How many NVENC chips are present in T4 ??
Where can I find Encoding and decoding performance numbers for T4.
I am not able to reliable data from any source.

You can get some perf info from here:
There is one NVENC in T4. The performance is about 330fps~510fps. The data in this page is conservative. You can also download Video Codec SDK to run the sample code "Samples/AppTranscode/AppTransPerf"to get the performance in your case.