Best Linux distro for CUDA development

I tried CUDA on ubuntu 14.04 following “getting started guide”. I used .deb package. And on ubuntu cuda video driver is bad as hell. Cuda video driver poorly configurable. I have worst tearing I’ve ever seen. And I have not tools (nvidia-xconfig) to switch it off. Prime option always switched on Intel device and I can’t turn it to nvidia (I got error message window without any text, same story when I run nvidia-settings from terminal)
So, maybe in another linux distros things are better?

Side note: There is no such thing as a “Cuda video driver”. There is a graphics driver, and there is a CUDA driver. There is a certain amount on interoperability between those drivers.

CUDA installation packages may come with a matching graphics driver for the convenience of users, but you should be able to update the graphics driver to newer versions after you have installed CUDA. I do not know whether this is an option for Ubuntu, but I much recommend the installation using .run file rather than packages. I use that method exclusively.

Tearing (presumably due to VSYNC being turned off) is a graphics, not a CUDA, issue. VSYNC should be configurable but I do not know where those controls are in Ubuntu.

Preferences for Linux distros vary widely based on individual tastes and needs. Personally, I swear by RHEL as a rock-solid Linux platform for CUDA, with nary a problem over many years of operation.

But If I will change grapics driver to newer, will cuda stil work?

There is a trouble with VSYNC that there is no such option for driver, wich goes with cuda deb package for ubuntu.