Which distibution should I install?

I would like to move my CUDA development over to Linux, and I am looking for input as to which distribution is going to give me the least amount of headaches. I would like to use Ubuntu, but it seems like Redhat might be an easier install.

Any thoughts?

I am using Redhat, So far No hitch yet

CentOS has been pretty sweet so far.

My favorite is gentoo but, that is hardly the dist which “is going to give me the least amount of headaches”.
Ubunutu would probably be good choice then, but since you’re asking in here, I take it you primarily want to develop cuda. Go with RHEL or a derivative (Like CentOS). That’s what Cuda is tested on.

CUDA is also tested and works on Fedora and Ubuntu. The main issue is that you have to have the right distribution version, or there may be problems. Ubuntu releases come so quickly, though, that a new CUDA release is at least an Ubuntu release behind by the time it comes out. Still, I’d rather (though I can’t for other reasons) be using an 8 month old Fedora or Ubuntu release, rather than RHEL. :)

On Ubuntu, I run into this “appear to be running X server error.” I thought I killed the x-server by cntrl-alt-f1 and then “init 3”, but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?


I do this with the “telinit 3” command, not “init 3” (which runs another copy of the init process).

killall gdm works too