best visual profiler for windows to examine cuda fortran

Hi group,

whats the best visual profiler to look and examine fortran cuda code?
for some reason nvprof.exe is not working, giving me the following error:

Unable to read the entire session timeline. the displayed timeline may be empty or incomplete because the application aborted or failed to flush profile data before exiting. The application should call cudaDeviceReset() to ensure that all profile data is flushed.

two notes here:

  1. there is no timeline, not even incomplete one.
  2. in the console of the nvidia visual profiler, I see the app running to the end and showing results. Not sure why profiler see the code aborted before completion.
  3. here are the last three lines in the application I am trying to test:

istat = 1
istat = cudaDeviceReset()
if (istat .ne. 0) write(,) ‘error resetting GPU device’
end program Quick5

Please advice.


Hi Dolf,

Firstly, does your application use GPU indeed?

Check you have correct video driver.

I faced with the same behavior a couple of years ago. My fault was I didn’t have all required libraries in my $PATH. Moreover I profiled with nvprof-5.0 while using libraries form 4.2. So check your environment.

If everything is Ok, post the bug to NVIDIA.

Try to use pgprof.