Best way to put more than one Jetson AGX Orin working together

Hello! I want to run some tests in my Orin but these tests take a lot of time, so I was thinking if I can use more than one Orin to run them. Can someone give me some advice on about what is the best way to put more than one orin working together?

Thank you!

Hi there @carolina.silva, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Which version of the Orin are you using? We have dedicated categories on these forums where the real experts watch and help.

If you share the device details i can move your post over.


Hi! I’m using Jetson AGX ORIN 64GB developer kit. Thank you!


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Thank you!

Hi @carolina.silva, it perhaps depends on what kind of tests you are running, but you could connect them over ethernet network (via a switch) and simply launch different applications/runs on each device over SSH, or use a distributed computing framework like MPI, Kubernetes, or ROS. It’s not very different from if you had multiple x86 systems to coordinate. There is not a way to automatically “merge” the separate Jetson devices into one.

Thank you @dusty_nv for the suggestions!

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