Black screen after installing nvidia driver on 920mx


After installing the Nvidia drivers 375 on 920mx ubuntu 16.10, I got blank screen with backlight off but I hear the welcome sound of Ubuntu.
There are some observation :

1 - In dmesg there are thousands of line with : PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, id=00e5(Receiver ID)
2 - I blacklisted neuovo drivers from kernel parameters : vga=0 rdblacklist=nouveau nouveau.modeset=0
3 - I am able to go to alt+cntl+F1 to tty and screen turns on and show console.
4 - Nvidia-SMI is working and reporting GPU model and size and etc.

Is there anybody has the same issue? Any fix?

Which version of the nVidia driver are you using? 375.20 or 375.26?

How did you install it? This way?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers Team” team

Yeah i installed it using that PPA with additional drivers.

How did you uninstall the previous driver before installing the new one? And which driver version was the last one to work correctly with your notebook?

This is a new laptop. I didn’t have any driver before. I tried also 367. But it doesn’t work, same result.

What’s the make and exact model # of your laptop?

You could try installing the oldest version of the nVidia driver from that PPA (361.45 for the GeForce 920MX, according to and then work your way up.

This is the procedure which works for me in Linux Mint when I find it desirable or necessary to change from one nVidia driver version to another:

  • Via Driver Manager install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau

  • Reboot

  • Then install the desired version of the nVidia binary driver

  • Reboot

The model is Asus X302UV with nvidia 920mx.

What will happen in this procedure? Do I have to blacklist nouveau again in kernel parameters?
I will try it in this afternoon when i get home.

IME the procedure I use has always worked automatically without my having to blacklist anything or manually intervene in any way.

Which CPU etc?

Intel® Core™ i7 6500U Processor,
Intel® Core™ i5 6200U Processor,
Intel® Core™ i3 6100U Processor

X302UV | Notebooks | ASUS Global

Your notebook was released in Feb., 2016 according to the older of the two UEFI / BIOS versions which are available for it so far. Is it running the newest one, BIOS 203?

As well, are you using secure boot?

For future reference, if one is intent upon buying an Intel-based notebook for use with Ubuntu then a purpose-built System76 lappy is one time saving option worth checking out:

Laptops - System76

Other options:

ZaReason Linux Laptops, Desktops, Servers and more

Top 5 Ubuntu pre-installed Laptop companies | Unixmen

Certified hardware | Ubuntu

Note. I’ve never done business with System76 etc as I’ve no need for a laptop.

I prefer the more hands-on approach of doing a GNU/Linux-friendly desktop build whose components I can research, co-ordinate, trouble-shoot and replace / upgrade on my own while avoiding as much as possible intrusive pitfalls such as proprietary out-of-band ‘remote management’ technologies.

Experience has taught me to avoid bleeding edge technology in favor of getting premium examples of the preceding generation of hardware in order to access and benefit from the most mature PCB, UEFI / BIOS and driver support along with sequential track records of user feedback.

When it comes to computers the latest is only the greatest if it works. And usually by the time it does - as the result of many hair-pulling hours of unpaid time spent plowing through forums - it’s no longer the latest nor the greatest.