Black screen on resume using nVidia drivers and RTX3050

Hi, I got a new laptop (HP Victus 15-fa0044nm) and I installed Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS. I have the RTX3050 graphics card and problems with resuming.

When I wake up my laptop (from sleep), the monitor just blinks black sometimes and for a long moment stays black. Then the black blinks repeat.

On my previous laptop I had the same problem, but solved it with the nvidia-driver-460. Here I can’t install that version of driver, because it go 470 and above.

Please help

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

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nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (379.4 KB)

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve had quite a few health issues.

I tried to install other drivers (all down to 470), but nothing helps…

I upgraded my BIOS firmware, but I have still the same problem.

There are several issues with that notebook. Connecting an external monitor to the nvidia gpu triggers errors from the display engine, a suspend/resume always ends with an Xid 62 for unclear reasons. Furthermore, the intel i915 driver, which drives the internal display oopses on boot. So it’s currently unclear to me which gpu/driver is causing the black screen on resume.
The i915 driver has a known issue on 12th gen cpus but the fix for that will only be in the 6.3 kernel which is not released yet.

Than I wait just a little more for the new release and try that kernel. I can always change back, if it doesn’t work.
I’ll report back when I test this solution.

And I can tell, that the X.Org (open source) driver works a little bit better. It has the same problem, but shows for a second the mouse and the login screen before it all goes to black. Then I just restart the PC with REISUB gentle restart.

Thx for your anwser

That’s likely best, the 6.3 kernel should be released in one or two weeks, then you could use the liquorix ppa to install it and check if it changes anything.

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You where right. The solution was to update the kernel. I build it with the help of this post (Compile and install kernel on Ubuntu). I had also an issue with the trusted keys, but managed with:

scripts/config --disable SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYS
scripts/config --disable SYSTEM_REVOCATION_KEYS

But now is my laptop very hot in sleep mode. Like very, very hot. Any ideas? I use the Nvidia 525 drivers and it’s a Kubuntu 23.04 now with the 6.3 kernel.

Sounds like something is not really shut off during suspend, this is dangerous. Please create a new nvidia-bug-report.log after suspend/resume and avoid using suspend going forward.

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I also wanted to say I’m experiencing the same problem. My laptop however is using AMD instead of Intel. Running a NVIDIA 3060 Mobile and when resuming fans will spin up but screen will stay black.

Distro: Fedora 38
Kernel: 6.2.11
NVIDIA Driver: 530.41.03

Let me know if you would like me to report any other information. Would love to help figure out a solution.

Please open a new thread.
Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

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