Fedora 19 not recovering from suspend


I have Fedora 19 on MacBook Pro with:
NVIDIA Corporation GK107M [GeForce GT 650M Mac Edition]
Kernel: 3.11.4-201.fc19.x86_64
NVIDIA Driver Version: 325.15

Nvidia drivers are working correctly until I try to resume from suspend.
I will get a black screen and there is no way how to get to the laptop.
No network no .

With Nouveau resume work fine, but laptop is overheating and battery doesn’t last.

Do someone has any idea how to debug it?


Post your /var/log/messages on suspend and resume (if there are any) - i.e. do not post your entire file.

I’d love to, but I cannot get anything from the computer. We were talking about it here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/548342/screen-system-is-dead-on-resume-unable-to-resume-with-all-current-drivers-/#3863620

I am just not able to get any logs and sysreq seems to doesn’t work.

I am really wandering if there is a way how to debug issues like this.

I am really wandering if there is a way how to debug issues like this.

A serial console will do - if you are really ready to dive into it.

Anyways, try updating your motherboard and GPU BIOS’es and check if your RAM is OK using memtest86+

I would rather avoid to use serial console - don’t have the cable and a second laptop.
It seems to me that I am only one facing the issue in the whole world :).

I found something here:

I will give it a try.

I just realize that hibernate works.