Black screen when resuming from suspend (Mageia 5, GTX970, driver 352.30)

The system can’t resume from suspend, there’s only a black screen.
I can’t change to another text session neither reboot, just power off the system from the front button.

The problem began after I changed my old GPU (7950GT) to the new one (GTX 970), before I suspended without issue.

P.S: I don’t attach nvidia-bug-report.log because after resume, there’s no way to run the script.


OS: Mageia 5 x86_64 (3.19.8)
Desktop: KDE 4.14.5
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming OC
CPU: i5 4690K
RAM: 8Gb



I have the same problem with a simular setup, not found the fix yet but you can restart the xserver and login by holding down the “ALTGr” key + “Print Screen” key then hit “K” key.
Fixed by running the graphical card setup again in control center, this gives you the option of downloading + installing a proprietry driver which fixes the suspend problem.

Thanks for the tip, Kernow. ; - )

You didn’t had the proprietary driver already installed?
If so, what’s the difference in installing again via control center?


Did ou try this from terminal :
sudo pm-suspend

Yes, but nothing changes…

In the “Addtional information” tab for driver downloads there’s this bit of info:

Seems to fit the OPs profile.

The problem is that this issue is there for me from the very release of the GTX 970 card…