resume from suspend has issues since switched to GTX1060

Resume from suspend is not working correctly since I switched to GTX1060.

Before I had a GTX960 and all was fine with drivers 367.35 and 370.23. Then I switched to GTX1060 and the problems started. After resuming from suspend, sometimes the mouse cursor is missing or flickering, sometimes after a few seconds browsing with vivaldi browser I get screen corruption. With driver 370.23 and 370.28 it was easy to fix by going into the console (control+alt+F2) and then switch back to X-server with control+alt+F7. With drivers 375.10 and 375.20 it got worse. Now the screen freezes and when I switch to the console, I get a blank screen. Switching back to X-server does not bring back the screen. If I wait long enough, X-server restarts itself and the PC is usable again. I’ve attached a bug report. If more information is needed, please let me know.

Detailed system specs., please.

The resume from suspend issue I experienced was due to an expansion card conflict aggravated by an older UEFI version which I eventually sorted out.

I have very similar problem after switching from 960 to 1060.