Blank white render window issue after driver update

I updated my nvidia drivers to Version: 441.28 (Release Date: 2019.11.18).
After the update my win32 window (which I am using for opengl rendering) stopped presenting any thing I have rendererd , it’s just showing a blank white screen.

I have debugged with nsight and rendering is properly on the final image buffers(back/front buffers) ;I have no idea why it is not refresing itself to show the content of the final image buffers.

It seems to be a driver bug as When I revert to driver version 425 or older it works just fine as it use to.

Is there a way to fix it, any additional flags to win32 window creation or to opengl?I wish for this application to work with the newer drivers as well.

(I am running it on a laptop config with GTX 1050).

Update: It seems to be bug in the driver side on notebooks only(nvidia Optimus maybe).

Have you found a fix already?
I have the same issue.
Also running on a laptop with GTX 1050 (driver version 445.75)

You can correct this yourself by installing updated intel IGP or Ryzen APU drivers.

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