Blocking issue with decoder


We use the decoder of tegra_multimedia_api on r28.2.1, and encounter the blocking issue.

We modify 00_video_decode to reproduce this issue, just let it keep looping. The example file is in the attachment.

Run cmd “./video_decode H264 --input-nalu --disable-rendering 3d_1920x1080_60_6000K_360.264”
when the cpu is busy, it maybe blocking.
for example, at same time, I open 8 sessions to run the 01_video_encode that was modifyed in my another topic.

I have tested this patch, but it still blocking.

[MMAPI]Cannot run NvVideoDecoder in loop/Memory leak in NvVideoEncoder

The stream file is here,


video_decode_main.cpp (45.4 KB)
video_encode_main.cpp (44.7 KB)

Hi zcs,
We will try to reproduce the issue.

As as I have conveyed here, it is a customized usecase. For prioritizing the issue, please try to have further cooperation with us.

Hi, DaneLLL

Thank you for your reply.

We have contacted your salesperson for the blocking issue of encoder on r28.1.