Blue Textures with Denoiser


With Optix_denoiser.51.dll everything works fine. But when I use the Denoiser in the latest Graphic Driver all red and brown pixels in my textures become blue
i’m using Optix version 6.5

Please note that the term “latest graphics driver” is not precise enough when reporting any driver issues.
Instead please provide the exact version number along with the rest of the system configuration which shows the problem:
OS version, installed GPU(s), VRAM amount, display driver version, OptiX major.minor.micro version, CUDA toolkit version used to generate the input PTX, host compiler version.

LDR or HDR denoising?
RGB only or RGB+Albedo?
Are you exceeding the allowed color value ranges? LDR: [0.0, 10.0]; HDR: [0.0, 10000.0]; Albedo: [0.0, 1.0]

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