Bluefield 2 DPU handling only 500MBps traffic

Hello all,
I am generating a 11GBps (Giga BYTES per second) UDP traffic using the CISCO Trex tool, to evaluate the performance of the BF2 DPU.
I am trying to make my DPU configuration as simple as possible by connecting the p1 and pf1hpf directly via an OVS bridge. I am making the bridge as shown below:

 ovs-vsctl add-br newbr 
 ovs-vsctl add-port newbr p1
 ovs-vsctl add-port newbr pf1hpf

my bridge configuration is as follows:

    Bridge newbr
        Port p1
            Interface p1
        Port pf1hpf
            Interface pf1hpf
        Port newbr
            Interface newbr
                type: internal

then I am monitoring the traffic using the system activity report tool (sar) using this command:

 sar -n DEV 1 --human 

I notice that the OVS bridge is only able to forward a maximum traffic of 500MBps as per the screenshot below:

as you notice from the screen shot above the traffic arriving on p1 is 10.9GBps while the traffic arriving on pf1hpf is only maxing out at 500MBps.

could you please explain why this is happening, and how to go about fixing this issue.

hi zoxerus

I suspect maybe the traffic didn’t offload.
please check with such link make sure offload is enabled:

If still have issue, or need further DPU performance tunning please contact

Thank you
Meng, Shi

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