BlueField 3 not working

device: NVIDIA BlueField-3 B3210 P-Series FHHL DPU, 100GbE (default mode)
pci slot: pcie 4.0

  • extra power supply connection

I have installed doca on the host machine (xeon-w, 32RAM, 1T SSD) and the dpu via linux installation (not via sdk manger)

finally, I can connect ssh to ubuntu@

however, after a couple of minutes, the dpu not working properly.

I saw the error message as below.

rshim0 read error 0
mlx5_core error high temperature (severe)
and so on…

what’s the problem?

Hi @seungsoo,

The issue is high temperature - need to provide sufficient cooling.
The first option is to increase fan speed.


Hi @chenh1

Thank you for the reply.

is it true that BlueField 3 have a high fever than BlueField 2?

I have BlueField 2 as well. but BF2 works on the same condition in my office room.