Bluescreen while moving other window on top of Vulkan app

My laptop bluescreen-crashes with message “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (nvlddmkm.sys)” when I drag another window on top of a simple Vulkan application.

This is on Windows 10 x64 with GT 740M and integrated Intel HD 4000. Vulkan is only available on NVIDIA GPU. Driver version is 365.19.

Application is very basic one-triangle drawing. Only major difference from most online tutorials is in how often window is updated. Window is re-rendered only on getting new windows messages (for example mouse moving inside the window).

So crash happens lie this: app is started, rendered a few frames, then go into idle (WaitMessage() winapi function), I drag another window on top of my app (during this no more frames are rendered, app is still idle), everything is fine for a couple of seconds and then system crashes.

Here is a code for app:

See vulwf/example/ folder for VS 2015 project file. To compile it you will need some header-only libs from boost so make sure it is available in include path.

Looks like updating to 368.22 fixed this issue.

BTW what is a latest Vulkan driver to use for development? have 368.22 have 368.39

Whichever is latest on should contain our most recent Vulkan drivers.