boot up hangs at "+1.8V_RUN_VPP_FUSE: Bringing 0uV into 1800000-1800000uV"


I followed the guide here to run mainline kernel on my jetson tk1. At the kernel compilation I just selected the ath10k to be built too (as I have a Atheros QCA9880 attached to the mini pcie slot). Then yesterday the jetson was booting fine but today the boot hangs here:

[    6.092974] +1.05V_RUN_CAM_REAR: Bringing 0uV into 1050000-1050000uV
[    6.100323] as3722-ldo9: supplied by +5V_SYS
[    6.105798] +3.3V_RUN_TOUCH: Bringing 0uV into 2800000-2800000uV
[    6.112769] as3722-ldo10: supplied by +5V_SYS
[    6.117903] +2.8V_RUN_CAM_AF: Bringing 0uV into 2800000-2800000uV
[    6.124999] as3722-ldo11: supplied by +3.3V_RUN
[    6.130270] +1.8V_RUN_VPP_FUSE: Bringing 0uV into 1800000-1800000uV

Please find the full boot log attached. Does anyone have an idea why this happens? How can I prevent that?
Thanks in advance!

Update: the problem is definitely related to the wifi card attached to the pcie port. If I disconnect the wificard then the boot finishes without problems. Nooo! Then, I connect back again the wifi card hangs, removed wifi, then still hangs!!
boot_hang_fuse.log (18.8 KB)

Hi lazmol,

Did you try other pcie device on TK1 as comparison? If there is other pcie device could work, you can compare the datasheet of them to confirm no variance.

Also please check the power supply of 3.3V/1.5V on TK1 pcie port and on QCA9880 board to make sure the power is good.

Hello, lazmol:
From log I noticed that you are using kernel 4.8.0-282568-g8b06bf9.
Have you ever tried kernel in SDK 21.4?


Hi, yes I am using the mainline kernel as it was easier to install that than backporting ath10k to the L4T kernel. But I think there might be a problem with how the mini pcie works with the mainline kernel. Anyway, I am back on the 21.5 kernel and all looks good I had several restarts without problems/hanging whatsoever, although the device driver is yet to be installed/backported.

Thanks for the hints.
I will try another wifi card and mach hardware specs. Is it possible hardware expects different connector layout?
I will also check the hardware specification which connection of the pcie is expected to be which for the atheros card. Is such info available for the jetson tk1?

No different connector, it is mini-PCIe type.
For PCIe connection you can refer to OEM Design Guide and schematic in download center.

I don’t know what that particular atheros card uses, but do be aware that a mini-PCIe slot also offers a USB D+/D- line in addition to standard PCIe function. Cards going in the mini-PCIe could actually be USB (I don’t know of any specific mini-PCIe cards which actually use USB). When using the mini-PCIe slot, you may want to verify that the card is actually PCIe via lspci and lsusb. Because that D+/D- USB line is optional something in that slot might work on one system but not another (the Jetson does provide the D+/D- USB data line, other systems might not).