Buffer overflow with get_temporary_buffer failed (thrust optimisation)

I work on stereovision and I choose a Grid where a thread is a pixel (I use 450 x 375 resolution).
In my device I need to create for each pixel of 9 x 9 window so 450 x 375 x 9 x 9 float to manipulate.
Obviously when I run I got a get_temporary_buffer failed but if I choose a smaller window (for example 3 x 3 ) I haven’t this error.
In my call device I define a pointer with only a new constructor but then I use thrust to sort pointer.
If there is a solution with a thrust::device_ptr to use because I have find and test many things but no one works.
Thanks you.


up ?

Can you provide:

  • A minimal test case; e.g. a complete, standalone program that is as small as possible and has few/no dependencies on other software.
  • The entire sequence of commands/actions that reproduce the bug (using the minimal test case).
  • The unabbreviated outputs of those commands/actions including files, stdout/stderr and logs.
  • A description of the environment where the problem occurs (type and version of the hardware, OS, kernel, compiler and any other relevant software).