[Bug?] CUDA kernel information lost after CUDA profiling data flush

I am profiling a Jetson AGX Xaxvier with Nsys 2020.5.3
I have enabled the CUDA trace collection, and found a weird phenomenon.

In the image, one can see that after a particular profiler overhead, the kernel names are replaced with a generic description “cudaLaunchKernel”. It seems as if the kernel name information is lost.
One can also see that the “CUDA HW (Xavier)” timeline has been cut off at that particular profiler overhead.

Is this a bug or am I doing anything wrong? The attached file is my report.
Report 22.qdrep (8.4 MB)

I am sorry that there was no response to this earlier, your forum post was dropped in an orphaned category that the Nsys team was unaware of until this afternoon.

@inabirushkin can you take a look at this?

howkong, you might want to update your nsys version as well.


@hwilper, for some reasons, there were changes in the displaying of CUDA kernel names in NSys.
The discussion about this is still in progress.