Nsys profiling does not contain CUDA kernel data

When I was profiling my kernel on RTX 4090 using the command like this nvcc my_test.cu -lcuda -gencode=arch=compute_89,code=compute_89 -o opt and profile it using nsight system, I got the following output:
report1.sqlite does not contain CUDA kernel data

I was confused , Could you help me ?my_source_code

What was the command you passed to Nsys? (or if you ran from the GUI, which options did you choose).

What version of Nsight Systems were you using?

How long did the application run for?

nsys command : nsys profile --stats true ./opt
nsys version: 2022.4.2.18-32044700v0
The application run so short and it is about a simple conv kernel which you can find in attachment file

Okay I am going to recommend that you update your Nsight Systems, you are nearly a year behind.

Sometimes when the application runs very short the buffer that we use to trace CUDA events does not get flushed properly before the application exits (and Nsys exits as well.

Could you give us the .nsys-rep file generated by this run and also update the nsys on your system?