[BUG] Rocket League crashing mid-game. [GTX 1070][Driver 378.13]

Rocket league crashes in mid-game. Happens only with new 378.13 driver.

To reproduce, play the game. Game will crash in the middle of a match randomly, usually after a games. Crashes after are more frequent when testing for it.

My Nvidia log generation: http://aaronbottegal.com/TempFiles/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz

uname -a: Linux Aaron-Arch 4.9.11-1-ck-piledriver #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Feb 18 15:15:49 EST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Any other information needed, let me know.

What does “Crashes after are more frequent when testing for it.” mean?
Can you provide a stack trace? Can you capture an Apitrace that reproduces the problem?

EDIT: and I forgot to ask, can you please test with __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 and see if it makes the problem go away?

Thank you

When I relaunch the game after a crash, it usually crashes faster after that. Not always, but a few times.

Backtraces only show being in pthread in the [rocket league] executable. I’ll try to get an api trace.

Threaded optimizations being turned off do not help.

Also, the only reason I’m here it because on the driver site, the link to provide bug reports formally is broken. Hope it’s okay.

Hi LinguinePenguiny, Whats is the previous driver version on which you can’t reproduce this issue? Are you sure previous drivers don’t have this issue? As share output of dmidecode . Please generate and share nvidia bug report as soon as issue hit? How long need to play the game? Is the issue repro on specific MAP in game? Is there any special setting done in game or desktop? What desktop env you are running kde, gnome, xfce or else?

I don’t have the ability to revert as I cleared my package cache, but I’ve never had an issue on driver 375.20, I believe that was the last version I was using. And I play a lot, the game definitely has crashes, but never crashed like it has before the driver update. I know for sure it’s the driver. And play time varies, I crashed 2x tonight playing with a friend, but it can be a few minutes to an hour. No specific map or anything, just rocket league in general. No special desktop settings. I use MATE with Compton compositing.

Rocket League crashes a lot by default, especially when loading maps and leaving games. But this crash is a mid-game crash with all video and sound stopping. Desktop, like I said, is still responsive overall. Just the app its self crashes.

I’m not playing more tonight but I’ll get a dmidecode and nvidia bug generated after a crash tomorrow.

It would be good if you can confirm with 375.20 or 375.39 drivers as no repro. It will help to find regression. Also along with nvidia bug report, dmidecode please share apitrace and backtrace. Did you see any log where its crashing in nvidia lib/drv?

I can’t, I don’t have the package anymore as I cleared my cache. I run a custom kernel that can’t use the standard binary provided. But I’ve never, ever had this issue on the previous driver, I know for sure. But I’ll provide those as soon as I can. I ran the game with apitrace and couldn’t get a crash to happen. Backtraces didn’t share anything inside anything besides pthread only a couple calls in.

You can use a downgrading script to downgrade the driver from the Arch package archive.

I can NOT downgrade the package. I do NOT use the official repos for my kernel and nvidia driver. I do NOT have a cache version.

I can not get the game to crash when doing an api trace. I have crashed 3 times today, though! Here’s the crash logs before and after the crashes. Before the program was still running, after was after the program exited automatically. It also crashes steam when it crashes from the new crash with the drivers that I’m talking about here, that’s one way you know it’s the new crash and not any of the general instability the game faces. Same with the log, the sound doesn’t run through HDMI, so that last dmesg error is the actual game sound messing up, not the drivers, and is “normal.”

During crash: http://aaronbottegal.com/TempFiles/nvidia-bug-report-crash.log.gz

After crash: http://aaronbottegal.com/TempFiles/nvidia-bug-report2.log.gz

This crash is so frequent, it should be very easy to catch. It’s only the biggest game on Linux, it should have been found. I’m getting banned 15 minutes every few games because of it. This is all I can provide, I guess that’s all there is to it.

You can always use our .run installer rather than the distribution packages. On Archlinux it works out of the box.
We’ll have to attempt a local reproduction of the crash, because at this point I am confused about what the symptoms are.

I’ve never had that installer not leave me with a broken system, I’d rather not.

And yes, certainly. It’s not that hard to have happen.

Rocket League has a few issues that you can ignore:

Crashing between games, crashing when leaving a game to the main menu, and sound issues when joining games. None of these are issues on your side.

The issue this is talking about is the mid-game crash in which the game freezes, then after a while crash rocket league, along with steam. If those two things happen, that is the issue brought up by the 378.13 driver. There were very very rare mid game crashes before, but they crash the executable, not steam. This graphics driver issues crashes both, along with just freezing before doing so, allowing you to alt+tab out while frozen.

I did try to apitrace it a few more times, but because of my small SSD size, it was tough. But it never happened on me when doing an apitrace.

One of our engineer not able to reproduce this issue. From description its not clear that issue is with nvidia driver. So please test with old driver and confirm no repro with old driver. Please share backtrack when game crashed.

You know what, I switched from the Steam beta and haven’t had this for a few days. It could be related. I’ll let you know.

Okay, I figured it out. Steam Beta is triggering it. I’ll email Valve later. It’s probably not looking into, because RL is a bad port and it’s probably just a general library issue. Sorry, guys. :o