Build/Debug problem using Visual Studio 2005

When I build the samples of the CUDA SDK, I ofen got a compiling problem.
:mt.exe : general error c101008d: Failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file “…\bin\win32\Release\alignedTypes.exe”. f
But it’s strange that if my first compiling mode is “Debug” when met the error, I change it to “release”,it works fine; if my fisrt compiling mode is “release”, change it to “Debug” got a right compiling result.
and my compiling tool is Visual Studio 2005.

Anyone had and solved this problem???

Thanks for any help.

I think my colleague hit something similar to that. He changed the configuration mode of his program to “debug” (from emuDebug) and he could NOT get the EXE file generated at all. Linking did NOT happen at all. But there was NO error messages… Strange…!

Only the manifest file and the OBJ file was generated… :(

Not sure, if there was some problem from his end.

I think my collleague had mis-spelt the output file name in the custom-build… Probably thats the reason the linker did NOT find anything to link…