Build opencv with CUDA support on TX2

I want to build opencv with CUDA support. However, I do not find /usr/local/cuda folder on the TX2 and cmake is not able to find CUDA SDK directory. I have installed a Jetpack 4.2.2 on the host. Looks like it doesn’t install cuda sdk on the TX2. so how to install it ? The host SDK manager shows two different components for jetpack. The host component which includes CUDA, Computer Vision Libraries and Developer tools. The Target components is the Jetson OS Image. So is there a way to install CUDA on TX2 ?

Hi deepak.rajamohan,

Please using SDK Manager to install SDK components on your TX2.
From step 1, “Target Hardware” select Jetson TX2 (P3310), then it will install sdk components on your target device.
You can reference detail install guide.