Building Flight data analytics on Jetson TX2

I have a jetson tx2 and i only know a little C programming.

i have some ideas for programs using the onboard camera tha comes with the carrier board. Id like to do some real time video analytics for flight data.

How is a usual set up for making programs for tx2? develop soley on tx2 or host computer requiered?

id like to hook up sensors to the tx2, how do i get readings and control pins?

my Jetson codename is Nvidia quill

P.S. I tried following Hello automatic addison tutorial for making a c program on jetson. but when i try to debug the compiled file it says permission denied? what is going on?


Please check if the following tutorial can help with your use case:


Incidentally, if you saw permission denied, then you’d have to tell us which command did that, and who you were logged in at as at the time (actually, login name doesn’t matter too much, but the question is whether you prefix the command with β€œsudo”). Generally, you can find who you are logged in as with β€œwhoami”, and you can do this to see what the program permissions are (I’m pretending the program name is β€œHelloWorld”):

ls -l /where/ever/that/program/is/HelloWorld

If the program uses the GPU, then it might be relevant to know if your user is in group β€œvideo”. You can run this command to see what groups your user is in:
(GPU usually requires group β€œvideo”, and serial I/O usually requires group β€œdialout”; this, plus the actual permissions of the program, would probably tell you everything about why the program works versus fails from permission denied)

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