Building SD-card image from L4T

I’m trying to build the SD-card image for the Xavier NX from the latest Jetpack (r32.5.1). Initially, I’m just trying to recreate what’s on the factory image before messing with pinmux and the rest for my custom board.

% cd Linux_for_Tegra/tools
% sudo ./ -o sd.img -b jetson-xavier-nx-default
[ All seems to work correctly ]
% sudo dd if=sd.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M
[ Writing to an SD card works fine ]

I then install the SD card on the NX and power it up. I get an Nvidia logo on the HDMI port, then the port turns off, and nothing else happens.

What is the proper process for re-creating the SD Card image for the Xavier NX? Thanks!

hello fullyarticulate1,

this is a quick start page you may refer to prepare your microSD card,

Hi Jerry,

I’m aware of the pre-built binary image I can flash to SD Card (and I’ve used it frequently).

Instead, I’m attempting to rebuild the image from the Jetpack L4T distribution. Once I can build and flash that reliably, I will make modifications to it for my custom board.

Thanks for your response and any pointers you can offer to building my own SD Card image from L4T.

hello fullyarticulate1,

it should works with dd utility to duplicate SD-card image.
check this, Clone SD Card - Jetson Nano and Xavier NX - JetsonHacks

Hi Jerry,

I need to be able to build the image from the L4T. Duplicating an existing image doesn’t help. Currently, the image L4T builds using is non-functional.

The instructions here:

These do not create a valid boot image in the current L4T distro. So, what’s missing?


I had success using TIB:

I extracted the various scripts run by TIB and ran them by hand with the new version of Jetpack, and it now seems to boot just fine.

Problem solved!

hello fullyarticulate1,

we also verified locally to create sd-card image with
it’s test on l4t-32.5.1/NX, we’re able to boot into ubuntu desktop without problem.
here’s command-line for your referece,
$ sudo ./ -o NX-SD.img -b jetson-xavier-nx-devkit