Can't boot jetson

I have a problem when I boot image by SD card. I just bought a new board jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit, And I want to install image. The first time, I boot with image follow instruction (Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer) - And I get jetpack, but when I reboot in the 3rd time with a new SD card (with high speed – extreme pro), jetson developer kit no signal in HDMI cable (but power on – LED green ON), I check very carefully . Then I use old SD card when I boot in the first time also no signal .you can provide a solution to continue to install and use. Thank you so much for reading and for your help !

hello hau.nguyen9,

please setup serial console to gather bootloader logs for the more details.

I just bought it .In SD card, it has image NX and power-on but serial no signal (empty)… i setup follow instruction (Jetson Nano - Serial Console - JetsonHacks)

hello luathapdan9

you cannot enable NX release image with Jetson Nano platform.
please download NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer to setup your development environment.
you should install JetPack release to your board for confirmation.

yep, i know . it is board jetson xavier NX developer kit …

i install image with SDK manager but it stuck 99%


moving this topic to Xavier NX series.

hello luathapdan9,

please choose the target as Jetson Xavier NX DevKit version for installation.
p3668-0001 is production module, i.e. eMMC version.

yes in image2 in choose developer kit


hello luathapdan9,

it seems JetPack release is already installed to your local host machine,
you should see it located as ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/...

what’s the failure.
you may re-flash the board with script file,, and please gather the errors for reference,
or, please export the debug logs as ZIP files and attach it here for the details.

i follow this instruction ?

hello luathapdan9,

everything looks correct besides writing APP partition, it took a long while but the image flashing did not complete.
for example,

[ 178.6140 ] Writing partition APP with system.img
[ 178.6240 ] [                                                ] 000%
[ 178.6240 ] [..............                                  ] 028%

what’s the storage/speed of your SD-card, did you format it before?
suggest you could replace another SD-card and please test again,

terminal.txt (45.8 KB)

i use new SD with high-speed (extreme-pro) but nothing happen. i checked SD very carefully

Hi luathapdan9,

Please try below two methods:

  1. Format SDCARD to ext4 and flash with by manually:
$ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdx
$ sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit mmcblk0p1
  1. Using Etcher tool to flash SDCARD image. You can reference detail from here.

Untitled Document 2 (7.3 KB)
This is UART logs …

thanks with methods 1 . i got it !

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