The new jetson xavier nx can’t boot after inserting the original xavier nx‘s SD card

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a new xavier nx. After inserting the original xavier nx‘s sd card into the new xavier nx, the new xavier nx can’t boot, there is no signal on the display, but the original xavier nx can still use this sd card. And I re-burned the new system to another sd card, but the new xavier nx still cannot boot after inserting the SD card. What is the reason?

Thank you for your help

Did you flash the new NX using the same flash software release as was used on your original? There is QSPI memory in the SD card model of an NX. There were several older releases which worked for a few SD card images, but then this was updated. Newer SD card releases work with newer QSPI content, but not with older QSPI content. Flashing the module is how you get the QSPI content updated (the rootfs is on the SD card, but depending on release the boot content of older units is “some” of boot content, and newer SD card QSPI content holds 100% of the boot content. Release version mismatches fail.

Thanks for your help.
The original and the new NX use the same SD card. When I write new image to new SD card and insert it into the new NX, the NX can display for a moment but then there is no signal on the display. After that when I boot the NX, the screen is black. It looks like the NX doesn’t read the SD card.
How can I solve it? Is this a hardware problem with NX?

I try a lot of times, and there are logs on the display.

My current situation is that there is no signal on the monitor after the NX is plugged in the SD card. After the SD card is removed, the monitor has a signal but the screen is black.

You would need to flash the NX to change its QSPI content (requires the Jetson be in recovery mode and correctly connected to an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC with JetPack/SDK Manager on the host PC). The SD card itself does not contain the correct content. A newer QSPI might try to migrate an older SD, but not sure how that works (but if it does do this, then the SD will no longer work with the older release QSPI).

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