Nx boot problem:

i write jetpack4.6.1 by SD card on jetson xavier nx, but it shows like attached pictures when i boot at the first time.
how to cancel that? and i want to use SD card image directly…

Screenshot from 2022-11-16 14-25-53

thank you very much!

pls help to solve the problem!
and i tried also by sdkmanager, but it is also hung when creating jetson image of 99%, it can not download all files and caused my notebook other errors, so sdkmanger can not run at the virturl machine of my notebook now.
could you help to advice an way to restore system of jetpack4.6.1 by only SD card image?

thank you so much!


Few things to clarify here

  1. If your board is once flashed with jp5.x image already, you cannot use jeptack 4.x sdcard image. The photo you showed tells us your board is already in jp5 state.

  2. In this situation, you can only flash your board with sdkmanager. But I feel you didn’t flash sdkmanager before… so please export your sdkmanager flash error log here for us to check.

for sdkmanager, i jump REC and GND firstly, then step by step but it like this:

and hung there can not move.
does it have chance fix that on shell mode because my notebook can not work sdkmanager well?

thank you

No, there is no method to fix that. Must flash the board with either flash.sh or sdkmanager,

Basically, these two (flash.sh/sdkmanager) are doing the same thing. Just sdkmanager has the GUI.

Also, if it is stuck in “Jetson OS image” preparation. It means this is the problem on your notebook… because the flash is not even starting…

Just share the log and we could check what happened to your host…

i will get some logs for your help tonight,
and another question that if i can update 5.0.2 firstly by SD card then run flash.sh or others after updating?
is this way to cancel that boot certificate?

thank you very much!

There is no “boot certificate”. It is just incompatible software.

There are bootloader software on the QSPI nor flash on jetson NX.

When you plug in the sdcard, the software on this QSPI flash will boot your sdcard. However, this software is not compatible if jetpack version on sdcard is different.

For example, bootloader version is jp4, but you insert a jp5 sdcard. It won’t boot and vice versa.

Sdcard itself is not able to upgrade or downgrade the QSPI software version. That is why only sdkmanager or flash.sh can work here.

understand right now.
i have updating jetpack4.6 successfully and i chose wrong device before, it should be NX devikit device…
i updated that by SDK manager firstly, then by TF card again, and i have another question:
when i update new jetpack version in future, is it will be same problem? i want to updating by TF card only and this will be much quickly.
finally, NV will solve boot questions of 5.0.2 at when? i have to use that for 3D something and NMOS.

thank you very much for your kind supports!

thank you very much!

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